List of Publications


India’s Industrial Policy: Growth, Competition and Competitiveness

 ISBN: 9780367478131
AUTHOR: Nitya Nanda
PUBLISHER: Routledge, London, New York and New Delhi
YEAR: 2021

Hydro-politics in GBM Basin: The Case of Bangladesh-India Water Relations

 ISBN: 9788179935705
AUTHOR: Nitya Nanda, Abu Saleh Khan and Krishna Dwivedi
PUBLISHER: TERI Press, New Delhi
YEAR: 2015

Expanding Frontiers of Global Trade Rules: The Political Economy Dynamics of the International Trading System

 ISBN: 9780415442954
AUTHOR: Nitya Nanda
PUBLISHER: Routledge, London & New York
YEAR: 2008

India’s Resource Security: Trade, Geo-politics and Efficiency Dimensions

 ISBN: 9789386530004
AUTHOR: Nitya Nanda and Swati Ganeshan (Editors)
PUBLISHER: TERI Press, New Delhi
YEAR: 2017

Changing Frontiers of Techno-entrepreneurship: Review, Reflection and Cases of S&T Entrepreneurs in India

 ISBN: 9789386530004
AUTHOR: Nagendra P Singh, B. K. Jain, B P Sinha and Nitya Nanda (Editors)
YEAR: 2000


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Title of PaperAuthor/Co-authorName of Journal with Vol. No. and PublishersYearISBN/ISSNLink
A Tale of Two Countries: Why Economic Reforms Produced Different Outcomes in China and IndiaNitya NandaEconomic and Political Weekly, 58(50): 53-6020230012 9976Click
Glasgow Commitments: Implications for IndiaNitya NandaNational Security, 5(2): 181-197.
Vivekananda International Foundation -
Prints Publications
Agricultural Reforms in India: need for a Unique ModelNitya NandaEconomic and Political Weekly, 56(8): 25-29.
Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
20210012 9976Click
FDI Impact on Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis for South AsiaS Chaudhury, Nitya Nanda & B TyagiReview of Market Integration, 12(1–2): 51-69.
Sage Publications
WTO and Food Security: Challenges AheadNitya NandaEconomic and Political Weekly, 52(49): 21-24
Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
20170012 9976Click
Import Dependence and Food and Nutrition Security Implications: The Case of Pulses in IndiaS Bhattacharjya, Nitya Nanda & S ChaudhuryReview of Market Integration, 9(1–2): 1–27.
Sage Publications
Agricultural Trade in South Asia: How important are the trade barriers?Nitya NandaJournal of International Agricultural Trade and Development, 10(1): 95-112.
Nova Science Publishers
Weak IPRs as Impediments to Technology Transfer: Findings from Select Asian CountriesIndrani Barpujari and Nitya NandaJournal of Intellectual Property Rights, 18(5): 399-409.
The Indian Growth Story: Myths and RealitiesNitya NandaJournal of Asian and African Studies, 44 (6): 74-765.
Sage Publications
Diffusion of Climate Friendly Technologies: Can Compulsory Licensing Help?Nitya NandaJournal of Intellectual Property Rights, 14(3): 241-246.
Growth Effects of FDI: Is Greenfield Greener?Nitya NandaDevelopment and Technology, 8(1): 26-47.
WIPO Patent Agenda: As If TRIPS Was Not EnoughNitya NandaEconomic & Political Weekly, 39(39), 4310-4314.
Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
20040012 9976Click
WTO and Trade Facilitation: Some ImplicationsNitya NandaEconomic & Political Weekly, 38(26), pp2622-2625.
Athena Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
20030012 9976Click
Making Essential Medicine Affordable to the PoorNitya Nanda and Ritu LodhaWisconsin International Law Journal, 20(3): 581-594.20020743-7951Click
The Emerging Role of NGOs in Rural Development of IndiaNitya NandaSocial Change, Vol. 30: 36-43.
Sage Publications

Chapters in Books

TitleISSN/ ISBN No.Author/Co-AuthorEditor and Volume TitlePublisher`s DetailsYear
Environment and Sustainable Development in South Asia9781032200415Nitya Nanda and Susmita MitraA. S. Raju and R. Srinivasan (Eds), The Routledge Handbook of South AsiaRoutledge, UK2023
Waste Management for Promoting Circular Economy: The Indian Perspective978-1527594616Nanda, Nitya and Souvik BhattacharjyaHema Diwan and Mona Sharma (Eds.), Integrated Waste Management: Circular EconomyCambridge Scholars Publishing, UK2023
Global Regime for Agricultural Trade – Is it benefitting Indian farmers?9789354357978Nitya NandaDebesh Roy and Bijetri Roy (Eds), India's Agriculture Exports: Opportunities and ChallengesBloomsbury Publishing, New Delhi2022
India and Vietnam: Emerging LinkagesNitya NandaGreg Bailey, Panchanan Das, Pradip Kumar Biswas, Manoj Kumar Sanyal (Eds), Diversity and Transition in South and South-East Asia: Essays in Honour of Professor Antonia Marika Vicziany Steps Books, New Delhi2022
Twenty Years of Mekong Ganga Cooperation: Economic Linkages through Cultural Ties978-9390917006Nitya NandaPrabir De (Ed), Twenty Years of Mekong-Ganga Cooperation (MGC): Achievements and Way ForwardVij Books, New Delhi2021
Green-Field Versus Merger and Acquisition: Role of FDI in Economic Growth of South Asia978-9813369726Chaudhury, S., Nitya Nanda, and B. TyagiP. Lakhanpal, J. Mukherjee, B. Nag and D. Tuteja (eds.), Trade, Investment and Economic Growth: Issues for India and Emerging EconomiesSpringer, Singapore2021
“Antidumping Measures: An Indian Perspective”9789353886103Nitya Nanda Ajitava Raychauduri, Prabir De and Suranjan Gupta (Eds), World Trade and India: Multilateralism, Progress and Policy ResponseSage Publications, New Delhi2020
“Causes and consequences of service sector growth: Perceptions and realities”978-9811382680Nitya NandaP. Biswas and P Das (Eds.) Indian Economy: Reforms and DevelopmentSpringer, Singapore2019
“Climate and Energy Transition in South Asia: The Role of Regional Cooperation”,978-9811204319Nitya NandaS. Narayan, C. Len and R. Kapoor (Eds.) Sustainable Energy Transition in South Asia: Challenges and OpportunitiesWorld Scientific, Singapore2019
Energy Connectivity in Asia: The India-ASEAN Case978-93-86618-28-3Nitya NandaJayant Prasad and Shebonti Ray Dadwal (Eds) Asian Strategic Review 2017: Energy Security in Times of UncertaintyPentagon Press, New Delhi2018
“Non-Traditional Security Challenges to the Maritime Order in the Indian Ocean Region”, 978-93-862884-9-3Ajay Mathur, Saurabh Bharadwaj and Nitya Nanda Yogendra Kumar (Ed.) Whither Indian Ocean Maritime Order?KW Publishers, New Delhi2017
“South Asian Energy Connectivity: Can BBIN be the precursor?” 978-9843430564Nitya NandaMustafizur Rahman and Fahmida Khatun (eds.) Reimagining South Asia in 2030Centre for Policy Dialogue, Dhaka2017
“Competition Issues in Public Procurement in India” 978-1-78471-722-3Nitya Nanda, Gaurang Meher Diljun and M V ShijuSusan Joekes and Lachen Achy (Eds.) Competition Policies and Consumer Welfare: Corporate Strategies and Consumer Prices in Developing CountriesEdward Elgar, London2016
Impact of Carbon based Border Tax Adjustment on Trade: A case study of India’s exports to select EU countries 978-1-138-96243-9Souvik Bhattacharjya, Nitya Nanda and Saswata ChaudhuryChakraborty and Mukherjee (Eds), Trade, Investment and Economic Development in AsiaRoutledge, London2016
Energy Market Integration and Cooperation 978-1138926035Nitya NandaRIS (Ed) ASEAN-India Development and Cooperation Report 2015Routledge, London2015
"Energy Cooperation in South Asia: From Bilateralism to regionalism"978-984-8946-12-1Nitya Nanda, in D Bhattacharya &MRahman (Eds) Global Recovery, New Risks and Sustainable Development: Repositioning South AsiaCentre for Policy Dialogue, Dhaka2012
“Regional Economic Integration and SAFTA: What Does it Portend?” 978-81-8274-497-4Nitya Nanda and Souvik Bhattacharjya(Ed) Smruti Patnaik, South Asia: Envisioning and Regional Future,Pentagon Security International, New Delhi2012
“Trade and Climate Change: South Asian Agenda at the UNFCCC and the WTO” 978-9937-8504-2-1Nitya NandaSaman Kelegama et al (Eds), Regional Economic Integration: Challenges for South Asia during turbulent times,SACEPS and SAWTEE, Kathmandu2012
Role of Market Microstructure in Climate Futures Trading 978-81-908109-3-7Anandajit Goswami and Nitya NandaMadhoo Pavaskar (Ed), Commodity Derivative and MarketsTakshashila Academia of Economic Research, Mumbai2010
The Future of Singapore Issues 978-0-415-41734-1Pradeep S Mehta and Nitya Nanda J. Maswood and L. Crump (Eds), Developing Countries and GlobalTrade NegotiationsRoutledge, London2008
Trading in World Energy Market 978-0-415-46838-1Nitya NandaL Noronha and A Sudarshan (eds) India’s Energy SecurityRoutledge, London2008
Competition Abuses at Consumer Level: Study of Select Sectors 81-7188-493-8Nitya Nanda and Bharath JairajP S Mehta (ed.), Towards a Functional Competition Policy for IndiaAcademic Foundation, New Delhi2006
Competition Issues in the Indian Cement Industry 81-7188-493-8Pradeep S Mehta and Nitya NandaP S Mehta (ed.), Towards a Functional Competition Policy for IndiaAcademic Foundation, New Delhi2006
Competition Policy for the Pharmaceutical Sector in India 81-7188-493-8Nitya Nanda and Amir Ullah KhanP S Mehta (ed.), Towards a Functional Competition Policy for IndiaAcademic Foundation, New Delhi2006
Cross-border Competition Issues 81-7188-493-8Aditya Bhattacharjea and Nitya NandaP S Mehta (ed.), Towards a Functional Competition Policy for IndiaAcademic Foundation, New Delhi2006
Multilateral Competition Framework: Is WTO the Only Alternative? 81-7188-510-1Pradeep S Mehta, Nitya Nanda and Alice PhamD Sengupta et. al. (eds.), Beyond the Transition Phase of WTOAcademic Foundation, New Delhi2006
"Competition Issues with International Dimensions: How do developing countries deal with them?” 81-87222-93-XNitya Nandain CUTS (ed.) Competition Policy and Pro-poor DevelopmentCUTS, Jaipur2003
“Competition Agreement at the WTO: The Right Initiative at the Wrong Forum”99933-817-4-8Nitya NandaNavin Dahal and Bhaskar Sharma (eds), WTO and South Asia: Post Cancun Agenda,SAWTEE, Kathmandu2003
“Multilateral Framework on Competition Policy: Point and Counterpoint” 955-9062-90-5Pradeep S Mehta and Nitya NandaLST (ed), A Multilateral Framework on Trade and CompetitionLaw and Society Trust (LST), Colombo2003
“The Mercantilist Game Plan to Wreck the Development Agenda”99933-817-4-8Nitya NandaNavin Dahal and Bhaskar Sharma (eds), WTO and South Asia: Post Cancun AgendaSAWTEE, Kathmandu2003
“WTO and Development: It’s All About Mercantilist Game”955-9062-90-5Nitya Nandain Multilateral Framework on Trade and CompetitionLaw and Society Trust (LST), Colombo2003
Investment Agreement at the WTO: Will it conflict with the existing instruments?81-241-0329-1Nitya Nanda P S Mehta (ed) Putting Our Fears on the TableCUTS, Jaipur2003
"Economic Reforms in India and Prices"81-7170-422-0Anindita Mukherjee, Nitya Nanda andAshok V. Desai and Tirthankar Roy (eds), Economic Reforms: The Next Step,Frank Brothers and Company, New Delhi1998
Unemployment and Social Development in India 81-241-0329-1Nitya NandaM. Dubey (ed) Indian Society TodayHar-Anand, New Delhi1995

Research Monographs

  1. Diljun, G. M., N. Nanda, and M V Shiju (2012), “Public Procurement Policy and Competition Issues in India,” TERI Monograph (
  2. Jensen, O., R. D. Mathur, N. Nanda and S. Chatterjee (2003), “Strategising Investment for Development” a report prepared under the Investment for Development Project, CUTS Monograph. (
  3. Basant, R., S. Morris, L. Bhandari, N. Nanda and P. Kumar (2003), Synergising Investment with Development, final report of the Investment for Development Project, CUTS (
  4. Mehta, P. S., U. Kumar, N. Nanda and Olivia Jensen (2001), “All About International Investment Agreements,” Monograph, CUTS, Jaipur, India.


Peer Reviewed Paper Presentations

Title of paperAuthorsConference TitleDate/Year
Presence of Profit and Competition in Indian IndustryNanda, Nitya, Saswata Chaudhury, Bhawna TyagiNational Conference on Economics of Competition Law, New DelhiMarch 2-3, 2017
FDI Impact on Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis for South AsiaSaswata Chaudhury, Bhawna Tyagi and Nitya Nanda5th Conference on Empirical Issues in International Trade & Finance, IIFT, KolkataDecember 15-16, 2016
Impact of Carbon based Border Tax Adjustment on Trade: A case study of India’s exports to select EU countriesBhattacharjya, S, Nitya Nanda and S Chaudhury4th IIFT Conference on Empirical Issues in International Trade & Finance, New DelhiDecember 18-19, 2014
Impact of Non-tariff Measures on Indian Exports: An Analysis in the Context of US SPS and TBT MeasuresVerma, Sanchita and Nitya NandaInternational Conference on Public Policy and Governance, Indian Institute of Science, BangaloreSeptember 4-6, 2012
Securing Access to Patented Knowledge in Biotechnology: Can Patent Pooling Offer a Solution for India?Nanda, N., I. Barpujari and N. SrivastavaGlobelics 2010: 8th International Conference, University of Malaya, Kuala LumpurNovember 1-3, 2010
Export Potentials of Indian Horticultural Products in the US and EUNanda, N., A. Goswami and S. ChaudhurySANEI (South Asia Network of Economic Research Institutes) Conference, Islamabad, PakistanAugust 18-20, 2008
The Impact of Reforms on Manufacturing Sector PricesMukherjee, Anindita and Nitya Nanda33rd Conference of the Indian Econometric Society at the University of HyderabadMarch 3 – 5, 1997
The Determinants of Migration in India: An Econometric AnalysisNanda, Nitya29th Conference of the Indian Econometric Society at the Indian Institute of Technology, KanpurMarch 22 – 24, 1993

Working Papers

  1. Nanda, Nitya (2012). Agricultural Trade in South Asia: Barriers and Prospects, SAWTEE Working Paper No. 03/12, South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment, Kathmandu. (
  2. Bhattacharjya, Souvik and Nitya Nanda (2012), “Potential impact of carbon barriers to trade: The case of India’s exports to the US under border tax adjustment” TERI NFA Working Paper (
  3. Barpujari, Indrani and Nitya Nanda (2012), “Are weak IPRs acting as barriers to transfer of climate friendly technologies: Assessing IPR regimes in five Asian countries,” TERI NFA Working Paper (
  4. Nanda. Nitya and Souvik Bhattacharjya (2011), “Unilateral Trade Measures: Can they contribute to climate change mitigation?”, TERI COP 17 Discussion Paper (
  5. Nanda, Nitya and Nidhi Srivastava (2011), “Facilitating Technology Transfer for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation,” TERI COP 17 Discussion Paper (
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  9. Mehta, P. S., and N. Nanda (2004), “Capacity Building on Infrastructure Regulatory Issues”, CUTS Discussion Paper


Other Publications

Journal Articles (Other Than Peer-reviewed)

Title of PaperAuthor/Co-authorName of Journal with Vol. No.Publication YearISBN/ISSNPublication Link
Agreement on Trade Facilitation: The Potential ImplicationsNitya NandaFOCUS WTO, 16(1): 9-16.20140972-2076Click
Biotechnology and Trade: Issues and ConcernsNitya NandaFocus WTO, 13(5): 1-8.20130972-2076Click
Trade and Sustainable Development – What does the Global Discourse Say?Nitya Nanda, S. Chaudhury& A. GoswamiFocus WTO, 13(1): 1-7.20110972-2076Click
Non-tariff Barriers and Developing CountriesNitya Nanda, S Bhattacharjya& S ChaudhuryFocus WTO, 12(4): 1-7.20110972-2076Click
Trade and Environment: Where does Climate Change Stand?Nitya NandaFocus WTO, 11(6): 1-7.20100972-2076Click
Clean Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property RightsNitya Nanda and N SrivastavaSustainable Development Law and Policy, 9(3): 42-46.20091552-3721Click
The Future of Doha RoundNitya NandaFocus WTO, 10(6): 8-14.20090972-2076Click
Negotiating NAMA: Too little to gain, too much to lose?Nitya NandaFocus WTO, 10(3): 1-620080972-2076Click
Energy Cooperation in South Asia: Prospects and ChallengesNitya Nanda & A GoswamiMan and Development, 30(1): 109-12020080258-0438Click
Farm Trade Negotiations in Doha Round: The Issue of Market AccessNitya Nanda & Pranav KumarFOCUS WTO, 8(2): 1-6.20060972-2076Click
Multilateral Framework on InvestmentP S Mehta and Nitya NandaFOCUS WTO, Sept.-Oct., 6(3): 1-4.20040972-2076Click
The New Indian Competition Law: Rationale, Challenges and ProspectsNitya Nanda and G SaroliyaApeejay Business Review, 4(2): 60-6720030974-1798Click

Conference Papers (Other Than Peer-reviewed)

Title of the Lecture delivered/Paper presentedDetails of Conference / Seminar/ FDP and Organising InstitutionDate of Presentation
India’s Climate Commitments: Analysing Implications (with Susmita Mitra)National Seminar on Environmental Protection in India from the Perspective of the Poor, New Delhi, 21-22 September 2023, Council for Social Development and IIC09/21/2023
Renewable Energy in India's Energy CalculusIndia's Global Search for Energy: Africa in Focus, JNU-TERI-KAS2/22/2019
Mining in India – Augmenting Investment (Theme Paper)Conference on India Mining Summit 2016 October 4. ASSOCHAM, New Delhi4/10/2016
Sustainable Infrastructure Development: The role of environment and forests clearances (Theme Paper)Conference on Environment & Forest Clearances, 31 March 2015 ASSOCHAM, New Delhi3/31/2015
Possibilities and Challenges in Bangladesh-India Energy CooperationConsultative Workshop on The India-Bangladesh Connectivity: Issues and Challenges, 19-20 September 2014. ORF, Kolkata9/19/2014
Social Impact of Mining: Is India gearing up to deal with the challenges?National Seminar on Social Impact Assessment, , May 7-8, 2012, Council for Social Development, New Delhi8/5/2012
Building Energy and Environmental LinkagesCOSATT Conference on Energy and Environmental Security, 6-7 June, 2011, IPCS, Colombo6/6/2011
International Experiences in Sharing Value in the Resources SectorTERI-KAS International Energy Dialogue, SurajKund, October 25-26, 2010, TERI, Delhi and KAS, Delhi10/25/2010
Competition Policy, Growth and Poverty Reduction in Developing CountriesConference on Competition Policy, Competitiveness and Investment in a Global Economy: The Asian Experience, May 19-21, 2004, World Bank, Colombo05/20/2004
Changing Competition Regime in IndiaAsian Conference on Consumer Protection, Competition Policy & Law, February 28-March 1, 2003, UNCTAD and CI-ROAP, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia02/28/2003
Emerging International Trade Regime: Challenges Before Developing Countries - Pilot PaperNational Convention of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), November 13-15, 2002, Ahmedabad11/14/2002

Briefing Papers/Policy Brief

  1. Nanda, Nitya, Indrani Barpujari and Nidhi Srivastava (2013), The
    Protection of Geographical Indications in India: Issues and Challenges, TERI Briefing Paper, March 2013.
  2. Diljun, Gaurang Meher  M V Shiju, and Nitya Nanda (2013), Protection of
    Industrial Design in India: Issues and Challenges, TERI Briefing Paper, March 2013.
  3. Dwivedi, Krishna Swaroop Dhar, Souvik Bhattacharjya and Nitya Nanda (2013),
    Protection of Patents in India: Issues and Challenges, TERI Briefing Paper, March 2013.
  4. Nanda, Nitya (2011), “EU-India FTA: Possible Gender Implications,” Gender and Trade (
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Book Review

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Articles in Magazines/Newsletters

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Articles in News Paper/Web Portal

  1. Nanda, Nitya (2023), “In Poor Health,” The Telegraph, December 18.
  2. Nanda, Nitya (2021), “Wheels of Change” (Battery-operated bus bus vs. electric trolley bus), The Telegraph, July 18.
  3. Nanda, Nitya (2021), “Hit the brakes: election-oriented budget”, The Telegraph, March 12.
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