Conferences / Seminars / Talks

International Conference Abroad

Title of the Invited Lecture delivered/Paper presentedDetails of Conference / Seminar/ FDP and Organising InstitutionDate of Presentation (mm-dd-yyyy)
Global Economic Trajectory: Prospects for Developing CountriesIndia – Way of Reaching Out to the World organized by Indian Consulate General and Hoa Sen University, and Tien Giang University, Vietnam03/23-24/2023
COP27: Issues for South AsiaInternational Seminar (online) on COP27: Issues, Agenda and Expectations, SAWTEE, Kathmandu.10/20/2022
Panellist in the session on Post-COVID-19 Challenges in the Bay of Bengal Region2nd SANEM International Development Conference, Organised by South Asia Network of Economic Modelling, Dhaka, 17-19 June 2021 (Online)06/18/2021
Indian Perspective on EU Carbon Border AdjustmentEU Carbon Border Adjustment Policy in Asia Pacific, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Hong Kong, 21 October, 2020 (online)10/21/2020
Resource Integration and Climate Security: The role of regional cooperationResource Integration in Central Asia and its political impacts to South Asia, Organized by Centre for South Asian Studies and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, November 19-20, Kathmandu.11/19/2019
Brazil-India cooperation for sustainable developmentSeminar on “Brazil-India: 70 years of diplomatic relations”, 16-17 May 2018 Brasilia, FUNAG-ICWA5/16/2018
India-Latin America cooperation for sustainable developmentSecond ICWA-LAC International Conference on “India and Latin America & the Caribbean: Strengthening the Partnership”, 18 May 2018, Brasilia, ICWA, New Delhi5/18/2018
Partnerships in global climate action: The case for EU-India cooperationEU´s leadership in global climate action Opportunities for international cooperation in preview of COP 24, Konrad Adeneur Stiftung, Brussels11/10/2018
Climate and Energy Transition in South Asia: The role of regional cooperationConference on Climate and energy transition in South Asia, Singapore, November 27, 2017, National University of Singapore11/27/2017
Managing Natural Resources Revenue: Experience of IndiaRegional Workshop of Green Fiscal Policy Network, UNEP and GIZ, Bangkok8/12/2016
Challenges in Developing INDC Targets in IndiaConference on “Paris and Beyond – The State of Climate Change Diplomacy”, 23-24 April 2015, Seoul, KAS and GGGI4/23/2015
Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reforms in IndiaITD Conference on “Tax and the Environment”, Paris, 1-3 July 2015, OECD.2/7/2015
Trade and Climate Change: Issues for South AsiaRegional Conference on South Asian Priorities for the Ninth WTO Ministerial, Institute of Policy Studies, Colombo3/7/2013
Challenges of Urbanisation: The sustainability QuestionsSouth Asia Economic Summit 2-4th September, 2013, Institute of Policy Studies, Colombo.3/9/2013
Trade and Climate Change: Issues for IndiaShanghai Conference on Climate Change and Trade, KAS and Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, Shanghai11/22/2013
Regional Energy Governance in South AsiaInternational Conference on ‘Regional Energy Governance and Nexus Perspective: Challenges in the Asia Pacific Region’, Institute of Strategic and International Studies, Kuala Lumpur5/12/2012
Energy Security: A Cooperative Approach in South AsiaInternational Conference on Challenges and Opportunities for 21st Century SAARC April 3-4, 2012, Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies, Dhaka3/4/2012
Liberalization of Environmental Goods and Services in South Asia: Agenda for regional and multilateral initiativesEmerging Issues on Trade, Climate Change and Food Security Way Forward for South Asia 31 May?1 June 2012, Institute of Policy Studies, Colombo1/6/2012
A WTO framework agreement for sustainable energyWTO Public Forum, Geneva, September 19-21.9/19/2011
Africa, Emerging Economies and Trade in Natural ResourcesWTO Public Forum, Geneva, September 19-21.9/21/2011
Carbon Standards and Labelling: An Emerging ConcernDialogue on Trade, Poverty and Climate Change, May 20-21, 2010, SAWTEE, Kathmandu5/21/2010
Climate Change and Ecosystem Sustainability7th African Development Forum, 10-15 October, 2010, UNECA, Addis Ababa10/14/2010
Climate Change and South-South CooperationSouth Asian Consultation on Trade, Climate Change and Food Security Agenda for Copenhagen, September 9-11, 2009, SAWTEE, Kathmandu10/9/2009
Energy Cooperation in South Asia1st South Asia Economic Summit Colombo, 28-30 August, Institute of Policy Studies8/29/2008
Investment Promotion Agencies as Policy Advocates: Balancing Private- and Public-Sector InterestsPresentation at the UNCTAD Ad Hoc Expert Meeting on Advocacy for Investment Policies November 23-24, 2006, GENEVA11/24/2006
Competition Policy and Consumer WelfareAsian Competition Law Conference December 11-12, 2006, Asian Competition Forum, Hong Kong11/12/2006
Provision of Affordable Goods and ServicesUNCTAD Expert Meeting on Positive Corporate Contributions to the Economic and Social Development of Host Developing Countries, October 31 – November 2, 2005, Geneva1/11/2005
Resource PersonSouth Asia Economic Summit, Kathmandu, November 15-17. 2017
Resource PersonThird Annual Conference on Access to Knowledge, Geneva, September 8-10.2008
Resource PersonAsian Regional Trade Workshop on “Doha and Beyond: Incorporating Human Development into Trade Negotiations” December 17-18, Penang, Malaysia, organised by UNDP and Third World Network.2007
Resource PersonRegional Conference on Competition Policy and Law, Addis Ababa, March 27-28.2006
Resource Person5th UN Conference on Restrictive Business Practices, Antalya, Turkey, 14 – 18 November 2005, Organised by UNCTAD.2005
Resource PersonAsia-Pacific Regional Trade Consultation of Consumers International, March 25-26, Subang Jaya, Malaysia.2004
Resource PersonRegional Conference on “Governance and Market Processes in South Asia”, March 15-16, Islamabad, Pakistan.2004
Resource PersonInternational Seminar on “FDI Policies and Regulation”, organized by UNCTAD and CUTS, January 30, Geneva.2004
Resource PersonInternational Seminar on “From Cancun to Hong Kong: Progress Inside or Outside the WTO?”, January 23, London, UK.2004
Resource Person17th World Congress of Consumers International, October 13-17, Lisbon, Portugal.2003
Resource Person"First Annual Conference of the International Competition Network,” September 27-29, Naples, Italy2002
Resource Person"Informing the Doha Process: New Trade Research for Developing Countries” organised by the World Bank and the Egyptian Centre for Economic Studies, Cairo, at Cairo, Egypt on 20-21 May 20022002
Resource Person"Regional Seminar on Competition Policy & Multilateral Negotiations” organised by UNCTAD and Hong Kong Consumer Council at Hong Kong, on 16-18 April 20022002

International Conference in India

Title of the Invited Lecture delivered/Paper presentedDetails of Conference / Seminar/ FDP and Organising InstitutionDate of Presentation (mm-dd-yyyy)
Twenty Years of Mekong Ganga Cooperation: Economic Linkages through Cultural TiesInternational Conference on Twenty Years of Mekong Ganga Cooperation, Indian Council for World Affairs, New Delhi, 5-6 November, 2020 (online)5/11/2020
PanellistRejuvenating South Asia: Towards New Sources of Competitiveness, Asian Confluence, 10 October, 2020 (online)10/10/2020
Resource Person/Chair12th South Asia Conference - India’s "Neighbourhood First" Policy: Regional Perceptions, Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis, New Delhi, January 28-29, 1/29/2020
Global Trade Regime in Agriculture:RIS ITEC Programme on Trade and Sustainability, 8-19 July, 201911/7/2019
Circular Economy & Sustainable Material ManagementRIS ITEC Programme of Sustainable Development Goals, 5-16 Aug, 2019, New Delhi8/13/2019
Innovations for Green Energy TransitionSouth Asia Green Energy Summit 2019, New Delhi, December 16, 2019, RIS12/16/2019
Marine Bio-diversity in IndiaLecture for Parliamentary Delegation, Embassy of France, New Delhi5/30/2018
Way Forward for Effective Global Governance- Case Studies and Best PracticesTEC Course on ‘Trade and Sustainability’, 9-20 July 2018, RIS, New Delh12/7/2018
Environmental Provisions in Trade AgreementsTEC Course on ‘Trade and Sustainability’, 9-20 July 2018, RIS, New Delhi12/7/2018
Trade and Agriculture: Implications for Food SecurityTEC Course on ‘Trade and Sustainability’, 9-20 July 2018, RIS, New Delhi10/7/2018
Sustainable Consumption and Production and Circular EconomyRIS ITEC program on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - 06-17 August 2018, RIS, New Delhi8/8/2018
South-South Cooperation, Trade, Investment and DevelopmentConference on South-South Cooperation and BAPA+40 – Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Realities, New Delhi, 13-14 August, RIS, New Delhi8/13/2018
Climate Change and Security Paradigm: Contextualizing its relevance for IndiaLecture for Parliamentary Delegation, Konrad Adeneur Stiftung, New Delhi10/26/2018
Trade in Services and the GATSITEC Programme on International Economic Issues and Development Policy, RIS, New Delhi2/16/2017
The importance of regional energy trade in South Asia and the role of regulatorsSAFIR Training Programme 24-28 April, 2017, CUTS, Jaipur4/26/2017
Trade, Market Access and SMEsInternational Conference on SMEs, WASME, New Delhi1/12/2017
Energy, Environment and SecurityInvited Lecture for Australian Delegation, Australia India Institute, New Delhi3/2/2016
FDI, Technology Transfer and South-South CooperationRIS ITEC Programme on South South Cooperation, RIS, New Delhi11/16/2016
India-Pakistan Energy Cooperation: Potentials and ProspectsEnhancing India-Pakistan Trade, February2-3, 2015, ICRIER, Delhi2/2/2015
The Potentials of Clean Coal Technologies in Promoting Energy Security in IndiaWorld Clean Coal Conference India 2015, February 4-5, World Clean Coal Conference5/2/2015
India’s Engagement with Bangladesh and Myanmar: An Economic PerspectiveInternational Conference on India’s Engagement with Bangladesh and Myanmar , MAKAIS, Kolkata6/3/2014
Global Debate on Competition PolicyRIS ITEC Programme12/2/2014
The current conundrum at the WTO: Options for IndiaIndia at the WTO: The Battle between Food and Trade, 15 September, 2015, Focus on Global South, TWN and CWTOS, New Delhi9/15/2014
Regional Energy Cooperation in Eastern South AsiaConference on Regional Cooperation for Energy Security In South Asia, August 07-08, 2014, CUTS and FES Kolkata,8/8/2014
Trade in Services: A South Asian AgendaSouth Asian Economic Summit, 5-7 November, 2014, RIS, Delhi6/11/2014
Global Debate on Competition PolicyRIS ITEC Programme, New Delhi2/14/2013
Trade and Bilateral Cooperation: Experiences in South AsiaInternational Conference on Regional Trade and Economic Cooperation in South Asia, RIS, New Delhi3/5/2013
Competition Policy, Intellectual Property Rights and DevelopmentRIS ITEC Programme, New Delhi2/20/2012
Climate Change Issues and Global NegotiationsRIS ITEC Programme, New Delhi2/15/2012
Energy Security in South AsiaDelegation of International Young Democrat Union, KAS, New Delhi.9/24/2012
Environmental Issues: Road to Rio and Beyond12th Russia-India-China Trilateral, 20-21 November, 2012, Institute of Chinese Studies New Delhi11/21/2012
Economic Cooperation between India and Bangladesh: Challenges to market integrationTraining Programme on India-Bangladesh Cooperation, 8-12 Dec, 2011, IDSA and Sikkim University, Sikkim10/12/2011
Trade and Environment: EnvironmentalismILSA International Conference,July 22-25, 2009, National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata7/25/2009
Sub-regionalism, Trade and Investment PotentialSub-regionalism Approach to Regional Integration in South Asia: Prospects and Opportunities , Dec 18-20, 2008, Sikkim University, Gangtok12/20/2008
India’s Export Potentials in Renewable Energy TechnologiesWTO Regional Workshop on Trade and Environment October 16-18, 2007, New Delhi10/17/2007
Competition Policy in EU FTAsInternational Conference Exploring ‘New Regionalism’: The EU, India and Beyond Oct 30 – Nov 1, 2007, CENTAD, New Delhi1/11/2007
Some Social Dimensions of InnovationInternational Workshop New Forms of Enterprises: Actionable Knowledge and Grassroots Innovation November 14-16, 2007, NISTADS, New Delhi11/15/2007

National Conferences

Title of the Invited Lecture delivered/Paper presentedDetails of Conference / Seminar/ FDP and Organising InstitutionDate of Presentation (mm-dd-yyyy)
Chaired Session III – Trade and Carbon Tax in the Carbon Neutral World; and Session V – Climate Change Capital Inflow: How Can a Change be Fostered?TERI – KAS National Workshop on “Climate Change – New Age Evolution” 14th – 17th March 2022, Bhubaneswar03/15/2022
PanellistNational seminar on Sustainable Development Goals 2030––The Way Forward (Environment Day Programme), Organised by Madras Management Association and Konrad Adeneuer Stiftung, 5 June, 2021 (Online)5/6/2021
Indian Response to Covid-19 and Sustainable DevelopmentFICCI-KAS Virtual Dialogues on the Value of Sustainability in the New Normal, 15 May, 2020 (Online)05/15/2020
Resource Person/ChairClimate Change and Security: Implications of ‘Securitization’ for International and National Realms, 20-22 February 20202/21/2020
Tariff and Non-Tariff BarriersFourth RIS-EXIM Bank Summer School on International Trade Theory and Practice, New Delhi. 10-19 June, 20196/18/2019
Sustainable Mineral Development along the Aravalli HillsRajasthan Minerals & Mining 2.0 Vision & Opportunities 2030 Jaipur, July 30. 20197/30/2019
India-LAC Collaboration onICWA-LAC National Seminar   'Taking Stock of India-Latin America and the Caribbean Relations‘ 8-9 August, 2019, New Delhi, India8/8/2019
Indian Economy – Way ForwardIndian Economic Outlook 2018: The Vision, New Delhi, Indian Chamber of Commerce10/1/2018
Trade and Environment: Theoretical PerspectivesRIS-Exim Bank Summer School on International Trade Theory and Practices, RIS, New Delhi6/16/2018
WTO Plurilateral Agreement of Government ProcurementTraining Programme on ‘Public Procurement’ for AIS (IAS/IFS/IPS) and other officers, 19-23 November 2018, CUTS and Civil Services Officers Institute, New Delhi11/23/2018
Make in India', Market access in GFR 2017 & Public procurement: The interfaceTraining Programme on ‘Public Procurement’ for AIS (IAS/IFS/IPS) and other officers, 19-23 November 2018, CUTS and Civil Services Officers Institute, New Delhi11/22/2018
India’s Energy Relations in the NeighbourhoodSeminar on ‘Geopolitics of Energy Security: Challenges and Opportunities’, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi7/12/2018
Basics of SustainabilityNational Training Programme organised by IIM Calcutta at IndianOil Institute of Petroleum Management, Gurgaon10/28/2017
Business Case of Decommissioning Thermal Power Plants and their Replacement with Efficient and Cleaner Units20th India Power Forum, New Delhi, India Energy Forum11/22/2017
WTO Plurilateral Agreement of Government ProcurementTraining Programme on ‘Public Procurement’ for AIS (IAS/IFS/IPS) and other officers, 11-15 December, 2017, CUTS and Civil Services Officers Institute, New Delhi12/15/2017
Make in India', Market access in GFR 2017 & Public procurement: The interfaceTraining Programme on ‘Public Procurement’ for AIS (IAS/IFS/IPS) and other officers, 11-15 December, 2017, CUTS and Civil Services Officers Institute, New Delhi12/14/2017
Gravity Modelling and Trade PotentialRIS Summer School on International Trade, Theory and Practice, 6-10 June, New Delhi9/6/2016
Energy, Connectivity, and Infrastructure in Emerging EconomiesIndian Think-Tank Dialogue on Rising Powers 18-19 September 2016, Goa, ORF and RIS9/19/2016
Industrial, Policy of India: Past, Present and FutureNational Seminar on Big Debates, New Methods and Old Lessons in India’s Development, Christ University Bangalore5/12/2016
Trade Facilitation versus Food SecurityLecture at CESP, JNU Alumni Meet, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi7/12/2016
Energy, Climate Change and Maritime Security“India-Africa Partnership: Priorities and Prospects” organised by Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS) in collaboration with Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA), and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)9/16/2015
Stakes at Nairobi: A Developing World PerspectiveConsultation Meeting on the forthcoming WTO Ministerial Conference, RIS, New Delhi5/12/2015
Trade Liberalization and Agrarian DistressNational Seminar on Agrarian Distress in India, Council for Social Development. New Delhi11/11/2014
SIA for Power and Mining ProjectsNational Seminar on Assessing Social Impact of Proposed Development Interventions, 7-8 May, 2013, ICSSR and CSD, New Delhi8/5/2013
National Action Plan on Climate Change and Opportunities for Green FinanceAdvanced Programme on Natural Resource Management for Officers of NABARD, 5-10 August 2013, Bankers Institute for Rural Development, Lucknow8/8/2013
Agreement on Trade Facilitation: Some QuestionsRIS-TWN National Consultation, New Delhi10/29/2013
Good Practices in Resettlement: The Case of Mining IndustryCSD Workshop on Resettlement, New Delhi11/12/2013
Natural Resources and Trade PolicyConference on Future Contours of India’s Trade Policy, 17-18 Dec 2013, Centre for WTO Studies, New Delhi12/17/2013
Climate Finance: Is G20 the right forum?G20 India Dialogue – Connecting the Dots, 7 February, 2012, Youth for Policy Dialogue and Oxfam India, New Delhi7/2/2012
Intellectual Property Rights and Access to Climate-related Technologies: Lessons from Indian experienceConference on Theory and Practice of Indian Economy 9th-12th December, 2012, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi10/12/2012
Climate Change and Agriculture: Food Miles…Seminar on Prospects of India’s Agriculture Export in 2025 6-8 July, 2011, Centre for WTO Studies, New Delhi,7/7/2011
Trade Policy and Climate Change: Implications for IndiaWorkshop on Trade, Investment and Regional Integration: Lessons for Policymakers 11-12 March 2010, UNESCAP and IIFT New Delhi12/3/2010
Negotiating Environment and Labour Standards in FTAsTraining Programme on Designing, Negotiating and Implementing Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) in Asia, April 11-16, 2010, IIFT, New Delhi4/14/2010
Emerging Employment Scenario in the Energy Sector: Prospects for Green JobsILO-NISTADS Conference on Technology and Jobs, December 14-15, 200912/15/2009
Globalisation, Consumerism and the EnvironmentNational Seminar on Globalization, Consumerism and Protection of Consumer Rights in India, 28-29th March 2008, JNU, New Delhi3/28/2008
Exploring Liberal Border Trade with Neighbouring CountriesTraining programme for BSF officials, IDSA, New Delhi8/24/2008

State/University Level Conference/Seminar

Title of the Invited Lecture delivered/Paper presentedDetails of Conference / Seminar/ FDP and Organising InstitutionDate of Presentation (mm-dd-yyyy)
Relevance of PhD Research at National and Local contextMadhya Pradesh PhD Colloquium for young PhD scholars, Atal Vihari Institute for Good Governance & Policy Analysis, Bhopal, 28-29 April, 2022.04/28/2022
Redeeming India's Economic Space in the Post-Covid EraInvited Lecture at Rajdhani College, University of Delhi, 8 April, 2021 (Online)8/4/2021
A Post-Covid World of Economic RecoveryInvied Lecture, Manav Rachana University, Faridabad, 5 August, 2020 (Online)5/8/2020
Achieving SDG2: How the global trade regime can be a dampenerIIM Calcutta9/20/2018
International Dimensions of Water Resources Management With Reference to challenges in GBM BasinIIT Delhi9/26/2016
Trade Facilitation and Food Security: The controversial trade-offPublic Lecture at O.P. Jindal Global University9/4/2015
Water Resources Management in GBM BasinIIT Delhi1/10/2015
Trade and EnvironmentIIFT training programme for IFS6/13/2014
IPRs and Competition LawTraining Programme for Govt. Attorneys from Nepal, Indian Law Institute, New Delhi7/2/2012
India and the Energy Sector: Challenges and OpportunitiesTraining Programme for IFS Probationers, IIFT, New Delhi7/16/2012
India and the Energy Sector: Challenges and OpportunitiesTraining for IFS Probationers, IIFT, New Delhi7/18/2011
WTO and AgricultureTraining for IAS Officers, IIFT, New Delhi11/8/2011
Reflections on the Durban MeetInvited Lecture at NISTADS, New Delhi12/27/2011
Energy SecurityInvited Lecture at IIFT, New Delhi11/9/2010
Trade and Environment: Inter-linkage, Opportunities and ChallengesLecture at IRS Training Programme, IIFT, New Delhi5/8/2010
Competition Policy: Concept of relevant marketInvited Lecture at Indian Law Institute, New Delhi3/18/2010
Evolution of Competition Policy and Law in IndiaInvited Lecture at National University of Juridical Sciences Kolkata, July 27, 20097/27/2009
Competition Policy: Anti-competitive agreementsInvited Lecture at Council for Social Development/Ambedkar University, New Delh2/18/2009
India’s Energy CrisisInvited Lecture at Council for Social Development/Ambedkar University New Delhi4/20/2009
Destination Africa: Growing Presence of China and IndiaSeminar on China and India in Africa, Liberty Institute. Liberty Institute6/26/2008
Smoke and Mirrors of Trade LiberalizationInvited Lecture at ISID, New Delhi11/21/2007
Competition and regulationPolicy Discussion Forum, Haryana Institute of Public Administration, Panchkula6/7/2007
Revisiting the Competition Policy: Issues and Concerns in the Proposed Indo-EU FTABrain-Storming Meeting Indo-EU FTA: Issues and Concerns, August 21, 2007, CENTAD, New Delhi8/21/2007
Trade and Environment: The Road MapPanel Discussion on Climate Change and India: Run Upto Bali, November, CENTAD, New Delhi11/16/2007

Conference Committees and Organising Responsibilities

Title of the EventOrganizer/Sponsor/CollaboratorVenue and Date
Fifth Resource Dialogue on “The Emerging Global Maritime Order: India's Strategy”, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS)Mamallapuram (Chennai), 9th - 11th March, 2019
Fourth Resource Dialogue “Marine Resources – Sustainable development through geopolitics and trade” The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS)Mamallapura (Chennai), February 28th-March 2nd, 2018
Third Resource Dialogue “Water Security in the times of Climate Change – Geopolitical Challenges”The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS)Goa, April 11th- 13th, 2017
Second Resource Dialogue “Resource security: Contextualizing domestic interests in the global trade and investment framework”The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS)New Delhi/Gurgaon, October 24 - 26, 2016
TERI-KAS Resource Dialogue on “Accessing Resources from Global Market: Geopolitical Challenges and Strategies” The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS)New Delhi, September 16-17.
International Conference on 'Environmental Legislation and Climate Change: Effective Response in Asia'The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS)New Delhi, October 18-19, 2013.
Training Programme on ‘Trade and Sustainable Development: Issues for Africa’.The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, 26 - 28 March, 2012
A session on “Africa, emerging economies and trade in natural resources” at WTO Public Forum ( Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)/WTO/International Development Resource Centre (IDRC)Geneva, September 19-21, 2011.
Advocacy and Capacity Building on Competition Policy and Law in Asia (7up2 Project) ( International Bangkok, Thailand, 27-28 June, 2006
Regional Conference on Competition Policy and LawCUTS InternationalAddis Ababa, Ethiopia, March 27-28, 2006
Training Workshop for Trade Practice Investigation Commission (Ethiopia)CUTS InternationalAddis Ababa, Ethiopia, March 29-30, 2006
Project Launch Meeting Capacity-building on Competition Policy in Select Countries of Eastern and Southern AfricaCUTS InternationalEntebbe, Uganda, March 22-23, 2005
Interim Review Meeting of a project on “Advocacy and Capacity Building on Competition Policy and Law in Asia”CUTS InternationalHanoi, Vietnam, 16-17 August, 2005
Regional launch meeting of a project on “Advocacy and Capacity Building on Competition Policy and Law in Asia”, CUTS International and Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI)Dhaka, Bangladesh, 22-23 September, 2004
Regional (Mekong Region) launch meeting of a project on “Advocacy and Capacity Building on Competition Policy and Law in Asia”CUTS InternationalHanoi, Vietnam, 23-24 April, 2004.
International Seminar on “FDI Policies and Regulation”CUTS International and UNCTADGeneva, January 30, 2004.
"International Symposium on Competition Policy and Pro-poor Development” CUTS InternationalGeneva, Switzerland, February 19, 2003
International Symposium on “Competition Policy and Consumer Interest in the Global Economy” CUTS InternationalGeneva on October 12-13, 2001
Asia-Pacific Regional Seminar on “New Dimensions of Consumer Protection in the Era of Globalisation”CUTS International, UNCTAD and Consumers InternationalGoa, September 10-11, 2001